Open Cocker Trial at Stubton - Tuesday 14th November

Our Open Cocker trial was held at Stubton on Tuesday 14th November, and what a fantastic day it was. The judges Alex Badger and Kevin Barraclough commented on the exceptional standard of the dogs, which resulted in 12 awards being presented. The trial flowed well, with the dogs having to work hard for the birds. The experienced team of guns, headed by Martin Taylor, did a brilliant job putting the birds on the ground. After the 2 runs, 3 dogs were brought forward for a run off with Will Clulee and Mr D J Lee's dog Croimhor Turn of Poolgreen getting the nod over Andy Waterhouse's very consistent little dog Samsirs Union Jack.




1st - CROIMHOR TURN of POOLGREEN - cocker dog, owned by Mr D J Lee, handled by Mr W Clulee

2nd - SAMSIRS UNION JACK - cocker dog, owned & handled by Mr A Waterhouse

3rd - STARRY SKYE of FARLAVALE - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr R Kay



TROCHRY SERENE - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr J Eyre

TIMSGARRY JYNX - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Ms A Hayes

ABIANN FLAWLESS - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr J Smith

JACKSHEA LIZ of POOLGREEN - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr W Clulee

SAMSIRS EAVAN - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr A Waterhouse

HOWESKYE DAISEY - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr J Luxford

MEADOWSEDGE PTARMIGAN - cocker dog, owned & handled by Mr A Robinson

WILLOWSAUL MELTING MIDDLE of RUSHYMOOR - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr D McGhee

BRECKMARSH BROOK - cocker bitch, owned & handled by Mr L Cooper


Open A/V (ex cocker) trial at Stubton, 25/10/17



1st SYNCERUS SOLO of CRECCAMARSH - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Mr Richard Briggs

2nd DAWSONLEE HONEYSUCKLE - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Mr Barry Faley

3rd WILLOWSAUL JOKER - ESS Dog, owned & handled by Mr Andrew Waterhouse

4th KRISTZO GUSS - ESS Dog, owned by Mr Jason Yates & handled by Mr Eric Elwick



SUGARBULLET CHLOES DREAM - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Mr Andrew Gray

IVANGAR SPIRIT - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Mr Gary Smith

WRIGHTSHILL WOLF at FOLLYVIEW - ESS Dog, owned & handled by Mr Neale Satchwell

CRISTALCOURT MONTROSE - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Miss Joanne Bennett

GARTSHORE VERNA - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Mr Dick Hyde

EDWARDIANA BEACH - ESS Bitch, owned & handled by Mr Chris Durkin


GUN's Choice


Novice A/V Spaniel (ex Cocker) Field Trial


1st. KRISTZO GUSS, owned by Mr J Yates and handled by Mr E Elwick

2nd. TRIGGERJAC CONFECTION, owned and handled by Mr S Blackwell

3rd. IVANGAR MINERVA, owned by Mr J Eyre and handled by Mr I Bannister

4th. WARTON LADY, owned and handled by Mr C Dearden


Results for our A/V Novice and Open Spaniel Working Tests held at Bulwick. Judges were Mr L Cooper and Mr G Collins.


1st Craigscourt Carrera E.S.S Bitch Mr R Coles
2nd Craigscourt Bluebell E.S.S Bitch Mrs S Smith
3rd Borrikanni Soft Mouth E.S.S Bitch handled by Mr J Crawford owned by T Giles
4th Peppercrest Bewitched E.S.S Bitch Mr S Shimwell
Tailorsdrift Dark Knight E.S.S Dog Mrs L Hilton
Verstone Dairine Cocker Bitch Ms L Davenport
Boggwater Charlton Star of Oncote E.S.S Dog Mr D Gallimore
Ringstead Beauty Patch E.S.S Bitch Mrs S Wills
Miraremire Dancer Cocker Bitch Miss L Hopwood
Craigscourt Daisy E.S.S Bitch Mrs C Killpack  
Castlepride Mischief E.S.S Bitch Mr T Poole


1st Woodroth Plover E.S.S Bitch handled by Mrs S Wills owned by Mr M Wills
2nd Shunner Howe Smew E.S.S Bitch Mr J Crawford 
3rd Seabiscuit Boy E.S.S Dog Mr J Jeffrey  
4th Jamian Sevens E.S.S Bitch Mr K Farmer
Timsgarry Francolin Cocker Dog D Newman
Countryways Macey Of Fieldunes Cocker Bitch Mr D Bryant
Cornermarsh Tweed E.S.S Bitch Mr C Gilbert  
Craigscourt Captain Jack E.S.S Dog Mrs C Kilpack
Marshmel Maddy Cocker Bitch Mrs J Burrows
Spanquest Dot E.S.S Bitch Tina Nicholas

Report from A/V Spaniel Test at Barleythorpe 8th May 2016





















Results of the Open English Springer Spaniel Trial, held at Gt Livermere,  on 7th December




1st: Esgob Esteem, owned & handled by Mr W Clulee

2nd: Buccleuch Gracie, owned & Handled by Mr S Shimwell

3rd: Rosebay Harvey, owned & handled by Mr D Moore

4th: Snowdell Starlight of Rushymoor, owned & handled by Mr D McGhee

COM: Sithesfield Flint, owned & handled by Mr H Chudley

Guns choice: Buccleuch Gracie, owned & handled by Mr S Shimwell



Results of the Cocker Open Trial held on the 26th November


1st: Tudorbriar Swift, owned by Mrs C L Davies & handled by Mr J M Davie

2nd: Broadmefarm Beau, owned & handled by Mr I English

3rd: Fenlord Dancing Queen, owned & handled by Mr R Laud

4th: Sugar Bullet Raven's Quest, owned & handled by Mr A Whitehouse.

COM: Timsgarry Alpine, owned & handled by Mr T Skelly

Guns choice: Timsgarry Alpine, owned & handled by Mr T SkellyResults of Spaniel Field



Trial held at Lamport on 4th November 2015


1st: Autumnwillow Solitaire  run by Mr N Satchwell


2nd: Beggarbush Izzy of Sanford run by Mr S Hood


3rd: Samsirs Eavan run by Mr A Waterhouse


Certificates of Merit:

Cralorrmor Rheanna of Meriroyles run by Mr R J Aldenton


Trochry Serene run by Mr J Eyre


Guns Choice:

Samsirs Eavan run by Mr A Waterhouse




 Results of the Novice ESS trial

Held on 25th January at Witham on the Hill



1st. Mr Dick Hyde -  Gartshore Verna  also Gun's choice

2nd. Mr John Eyre - Coedcollen Rapier

3rd. Mr Nik Howe - Double Six Domino Lad

4th. Nr Kieran O'Donoghue -  Tygore Lulu

7 x Certificates of merit were awarded

Mr Ricky Mackintosh - Sliabh Sunset of Crispico  

Andrea Perrett - Phortaigh Dair of Countryways

Mr David Templar - Sliabh Aine of Carnteel

Andrea Perrett - Whiznic Waltz of Countryways

Mr David Templar - Lisgarvagh Eyre of Countryways

Mr Graham Burton - Whiznic Wager


Novice & Open AV Spaniel held at Bulwick Estate, Northants on Sunday 14th June 2015



1st.  Mr A Waterhouse  with cocker bitch  Spiritedawn Mystic

2nd. Alex Hayes with ESS bitch Evancroft Jazzmine

3rd. Mr A Waterhouse with cocker dog  Samsirs Union Jack

4th. Mr S Caswell with ESS dog Exciting Eric

COM. R M Cato with ESS dog Loumicquest Folcan

COM. Mr K P Farmer with ESS dog Buccleuch Spinner

COM. Mr R Sims with ESS dog Cornermarsh Invincible of Copperspring

COM. Mr C Horwill with cocker dog Timsgarry Cuckoo



1st. Mr A Waterhouse with ESS dog Willowsaul Joker

2nd. Mr J Hilton with ESS dog Tailorsdrift Dark Knight

3rd Megan Ward with cocker bitch Gorgeous Gwen

4th. Mr J Thompson with cocker dog Samsir Daga

COM. Steph Wills with ESS bitch Ringstead Beauty Patch

COM. Sylvia Codling with ESS dog Megun Bombadier Bugler

COM. Mr K P Farmer with ESS bitch Jamian Sevens


The A/V spaniel tests held alongside the retriever tests on Sunday 14th June 2015 at The Bulwick Estate, Northamptonshire, by kind permission of Mr R Conant & Mr B Wills , were run in a lovely wooded area, with a covering of young bramble which was perfect for the dogs to show their hunting skills. The judges, David Chudley and Alan Hopkins-Young, had a good entry of 11 open and 20 novice dogs to watch, the tests were marked on a points system, with marks awarded for hunting, a marked retrieve in front, and a blind behind the line. The first rounds of both were run in the morning with the second round after lunch.

The standard was high in both sections, with the dogs in the awards being consistent throughout the day. No dogs were put out, but penalised heavily for faults, these handlers were rewarded with advice from the judges. There were a few handlers running 2 dogs, but the busiest person on the day was Andy Waterhouse who ran 3, his daughter Natice, aged 10yrs ran a 4th, her Christmas present, ‘Jack’, Warriors choice, who at 9 mths old was the youngest dog in the tests.

The Open test was of a particularly high standard, with 8 of the 11 receiving awards on the day. Andy Waterhouse gained 54 marks out of a possible 60 to win with his little black cocker bitch Spiritedawn Mystic, there was a run off for 2nd & 3rd between Andy this time with his cocker dog Samsirs Union Jack, and Alex Hayes with her Springer bitch Evancroft Jazzmine, after a short hunt up, the judges decided that Alex was the second dog in the awards. The other dogs receiving awards all scored highly, with minor errors losing the marks.

The novice test was again a  good standard, this time 7 dogs out of 20 were given awards. The young brambles was perfect ground for these young & inexperienced dogs, giving enough cover to hunt but not too thick to put them off. As in the open, Andy Waterhouse led the way with his Springer dog Willowsaul  Joker, winning comfortably. There was a run off for 2nd & 3rd between John Hilton & Megan Ward, John coming out on top, taking the second spot with his springer dog Tailorsdrift Dark Knight, Megan third with her cocker bitch Gorgeous Gwen.

Judging from the smiles and comments received from the competitors, everyone enjoyed the day, and it was nice to see that at the prize giving a lot of the retriever runners had stayed behind to applaud the spaniels.


AV Spaniel Test held at Barleythorpe on Sunday 26th April


Results of the novice cocker, held on 27th January at Witham on the Hill, Lincs.


1st A Robinson with Meadowsedge Ptarmigan


2nd K Stonehouse with J Eyres' Trochry Serene


3rd R J Aldenton with Mrs L P Thompson & Miss S C Neary's Cralorrmor Rheanna of Meriroyles


4th Miss J Ward with  Chyknell Jackdaw of Breezybrook


COM: L Stockburn with  Nantsannan Touch the Stars


Guns choice  K Stonehouse and Trochry Serene.


For other results and more photos; please see the 'News' blog here and


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The results of our open cocker on 27th November held at Lamport, Northants:


1st  -  I Openshaw with H M The Queen's cocker bitch - Mallowdale Diamond

2nd -  N Cannon with  cocker bitch - Countryways Alice of Craiwarn

3rd  -  D Skidmore with  cocker bitch -  Lynkee Timebomb

4th  -  R G Chapple with  cocker bitch -  Lowflyer Nougat of Cheweky

Com  -  J Luxford with cocker bitch - Howesyke Daisey

Com  -  T Skelly with cocker bitch - FTCH Timsgarry Swift

Com  -  A Kirk with cocker bitch  - Pinsark Roberta

Guns Choice -  I Openshaw - Mallowdale Diamond


1. Mrs A Hayes with Timsgarry Jynx, cocker spaniel bitch.

2. Mrs S Codling with Megun Bombadier Buglar, ESS dog.

3. Mr K Walker with Silksdomino Vera, ESS bitch.



1. Mr C Horwill with Timsgarry Cuckoo, cocker spaniel dog

2. Mrs A Hayes with Evancroft Jazzmine, ESS bitch

3. Mr K Walker with Silksdomino Vera, ESS bitch



The test was held at Barleythorpe near Oakham by very kind permission of Mr Peter Jackson and Mr Paddy Morley. Peter attended the test and alsohelped out, being in charge of one of the starting pistols. The judges, Neil Satchwell and John Sexton, who very kindly stepped in at the last minute,had nearly 20 dogs to sort out.

The test was held in a young plantation, which was just coming out into blossom, and with the sun shining brightly, it made for a very attractive ground.  Although there were not many open dogs running, the dogs that did showed very good hunting patterns, retrieving and steadiness, the eventual winning dog Timsgarry Cuckoo, handled by Mr C Horwill gave an exceptional example of the latter. A dummy was thrown across the line which collided with a tree then landed within a couple of feet him. Craig later said that he could only see one of the dog's feet due to the trees & had his fingers very tightly crossed that 'Billy' would not move. He needn't have worried as, within clear view of the gallery, he sat like a statue as they other dog ran within 

inches of him.

The two runs of the open dogs were separated by the first run of the novices. There were some very nervous first time competitors, and dogs also competing for the first time, but by the end of the day they all seemed happy with how they had run. Some mistakes were made, but following feedback from the judges, they know what to work on for their next attempt.

The three dogs in the awards were way ahead of the rest, the winner, Alex Hayes's lovely little black cocker bitch, Timsgarry Jynx, handled extremely well and found her retrieves quickly, she is a smart little dog and was a pleasure to watch. I think the most surprised competitor was the eventual second, S Codling with Megun Bombadier Buglar, but her dog did little wrong and fully deserved his award. Gaining third in both the open and novice was Keith Walker with Silksdomino Vera, a last minute stand in for her half sister, who came into season. Vera did him proud and he was very happy with how she went on the day.



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